About the Integrated Research Toolkit


The purpose of this toolkit is to support researchers in doing integrated research. At its heart are a set of curated resources – tools, techniques, tips and important concepts for doing integrated research. These have been curated from a range of information, and in particular have been influenced by the Integration and Implementation Science framework.

In the project we have talked with people to design different entry points into those resources. There are general guides, specific guides and case studies.

The specific guides are about particular aspects of research projects, developing research bids and working with others.

The case studies are a way of learning from what our colleagues have done. They cover different sizes of project and approaches to integrated research (multidisciplinary to transdisciplinary).

There is also a gallery of resources that shows all of the resources in the toolkit. You can also select for resources applicable to different aspects of integrated research.

There are two types of resource: techniques/tools and concepts. At the bottom of each resource, if applicable, there is more information and a link to other techniques that you might also be interested in.

Giving feedback

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