Event evaluation

Get feedback on how an event went and what to improve next time.

When you are holding event with your stakeholder, research partners, general public etc, it is useful to collect feedback on people's experience of the event. This will help you make improvements. Here are a couple of ways for collecting feedback.


The target can be drawn on a white board at the end of the session with the factors that you want to know about indicated in each segment. Ask people as they leave just to mark how they rated the event in each of those categories with a cross.

Event evaluation target Feedback from an event participant on a target evaluation.

A similar technique either on a white board or on paper is to ask people to give one thing they would like more of and one thing they would have changed.

More in depth feedback can be sought through a written feedback form. These are often distributed at the end of sessions (it is usually a good idea to get the evaluation on the day otherwise it often doesn't get completed).

As well as events, these methods can also be used to collect feedback on projects.

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