What sort of researcher are you?

Recognising our preferences, biases and blindspots.

A source or tension (either positive creative tension, or negative tension) can arise in research teams where members see difference in credibility and legitimacy of things, such as different types of data or certain methods. It can be useful to recognise our own preferences, biases and blind spots and discuss with the team.

The Toolbox Dialogue Initiative team developed a series of questions designed to reveal something about each of us as researchers.

Download the questions and undertake this exercise with your team. The following video provides some brief context.

Cultivating Collaborations in Scientific Endeavors, Michigan State University

This is a good exercise to do as a team, exploring those aspects where members of the team see the world differently and discussing the results as you go through each section.

Or on a lighter note, you can take this quiz and find out about your own theory of knowledge.

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Michigan State University's Toolbox Dialogue Initiative conducts and publishes research on communication and collaboration in cross-functional teams.

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